Sunday, July 31, 2011

Cincinnati Bengals: Donte Whitner could be a Bengal

ESPN's John Clayton says:
There is a good chance safety Donte Whitner gets a deal done with the Bengals. It would be a nice fit.

Update: John Clayton got this all wrong. 

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Cincinnati Bengals training camp: Roster predictions

Quarterback (3):

  • Andy Dalton
  • Bruce Gradkowski
  • Dan Lefevour
Offensive line (9):

  • Andrew Whitworth
  • Anthony Collins
  • Bobbie Williams
  • Clint Boling (possible starter at LG)
  • Kyle Cook
  • Andre Smith
  • Max Jean-Gilles
  • Dennis Roland
  • Nate Livings
  • Reggie Stephens
  • Otis Hudson
Tight End (3):

  • Jermaine Gresham
  • Chase Coffman (The Bengals will likely take three tight ends so Coffman makes the squad)
  • Colin Cochart (Jay Gruden is talking about four tight ends and Cochart has looked good)
  • Bo Scaife

Wide Receiver (6):

  • A.J. Green
  • Jerome Simpson
  • Andre Caldwell
  • Jordan Shipley
  • Quan Cosby
  • Ryan Whalen
*Both Cosby and Whalen could stick if the Bengals take six receivers with them.

Running Back (3):

  • Brian Leonard
  • Byron Scott
  • Cedric Benson
  • Jay Finley
  • Cedric Peerman
  • Jonathan Williams
Full Back (1):

  • Fui Vakapuna
  • Chris Pressley
Linebacker (7):

  • Rey Maualuga
  • Manny Lawson
  • Dontay Moch (might play defensive end also)
  • Thomas Howard
  • Dan Skuta
  • Brandon Johnson
  • Vincent Rey
  • Roddrick Muckelroy
  • Keith Rivers
Cornerback (5):

  • Leon Hall
  • Nate Clements
  • Morgan Trent
  • Kelly Jennings
  • Brandon Ghee
  • Fred Bennett
  • Rico Murray (Has versatility at corner and safety)
  • David Pender
  • Jonathan Wade
  • Korey Lindsey
  • Adam Jones (Jones is the likely fifth corner if he can get on the field and avoid a suspension)
Defensive End (5):

  • Carlos Dunlap
  • Michael Johnson
  • Robert Geathers
  • Jonathan Fanene
  • Frostee Rucker (Likely will stick)
Defensive Tackle (4):

  • Domata Peko
  • Geno Atkins
  • Pat Sims
  • Jason Shirley (probably going to make it)
Safety (4):

  • Robert Sands
  • Taylor Mays
  • Chris Crocker
  • Reggie Nelson
  • Jeromy Miles
  • Gibril Wilson
Special Teams (3):

  • Kevin Huber
  • Mike Nugent
  • Clark Harris

Debt ceiling cuts: What do the Republicans want to cut?

These are all the programs that the new Republican House has proposed cutting. Read to the end.

  • Corporation for Public Broadcasting Subsidy. $445 million annual savings.
  • Save America 's Treasures Program. $25 million annual savings.
  • International Fund for Ireland . $17 million annual savings.
  • Legal Services Corporation. $420 million annual savings.
  • National Endowment for the Arts. $167.5 million annual savings.
  • National Endowment for the Humanities. $167.5 million annual savings.
  • Hope VI Program. $250 million annual savings.
  • Amtrak Subsidies. $1.565 billion annual savings.
  • Eliminate duplicative education programs. H.R. 2274 (in last Congress), authored by Rep. McKeon, eliminates 68 at a savings of $1.3 billion annually.
  • U.S. Trade Development Agency. $55 million annual savings.
  • Woodrow Wilson Center Subsidy. $20 million annual savings.
  • Cut in half funding for congressional printing and binding. $47 million annual savings.
  • John C. Stennis Center Subsidy. $430,000 annual savings.
  • Community Development Fund. $4.5 billion annual savings.
  • Heritage Area Grants and Statutory Aid. $24 million annual savings.
  • Cut Federal Travel Budget in Half. $7.5 billion annual savings
  • Trim Federal Vehicle Budget by 20%. $600 million annual savings.
  • Essential Air Service. $150 million annual savings.
  • Technology Innovation Program. $70 million annual savings.
  • Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) Program. $125 million annual savings.
  • Department of Energy Grants to States for Weatherization. $530 million annual savings.
  • Beach Replenishment. $95 million annual savings.
  • New Starts Transit. $2 billion annual savings.
  • Exchange Programs for Alaska , Natives Native Hawaiians, and Their Historical Trading Partners in Massachusetts . $9 million annual savings
  • Intercity and High Speed Rail Grants. $2.5 billion annual savings.
  • Title X Family Planning. $318 million annual savings.
  • Appalachian Regional Commission. $76 million annual savings.
  • Economic Development Administration. $293 million annual savings.
  • Programs under the National and Community Services Act. $1.15 billion annual savings.
  • Applied Research at Department of Energy. $1.27 billion annual savings.
  • FreedomCAR and Fuel Partnership. $200 million annual savings.
  • Energy Star Program. $52 million annual savings.
  • Economic Assistance to Egypt . $250 million annually.
  • U.S. Agency for International Development. $1.39 billion annual savings.
  • General Assistance to District of Columbia . $210 million annual savings.
  • Subsidy for Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority. $150 million annual savings.
  • Presidential Campaign Fund. $775 million savings over ten years.
  • No funding for federal office space acquisition. $864 million annual savings.
  • End prohibitions on competitive sourcing of government services.
  • Repeal the Davis-Bacon Act. More than $1 billion annually.
  • IRS Direct Deposit: Require the IRS to deposit fees for some services it offers (such as processing payment plans for taxpayers) to the Treasury, instead of allowing it to remain as part of its budget. $1.8 billion savings over ten years.
  • Require collection of unpaid taxes by federal employees. $1 billion total savings.WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Prohibit taxpayer funded union activities by federal employees. $1.2 billion savings over ten years.
  • Sell excess federal properties the government does not make use of. $15 billion total savings.
  • Eliminate death gratuity for Members of Congress.
  • Eliminate Mohair Subsidies. $1 million annual savings.
  • Eliminate taxpayer subsidies to the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. $12.5 million annual savings
  • Eliminate Market Access Program. $200 million annual savings.
  • USDA Sugar Program. $14 million annual savings.
  • Subsidy to Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). $93 million annual savings.
  • Eliminate the National Organic Certification Cost-Share Program. $56.2 million annual savings.
  • Eliminate fund for Obamacare administrative costs. $900 million savings.
  • Ready to Learn TV Program. $27 million savings..
  • HUD Ph.D. Program.
  • Deficit Reduction Check-Off Act.
  • TOTAL SAVINGS: $2.5 Trillion over Ten Years
My question is, what is all this doing in the budget in the first place?

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cincinnati Reds trading deadline prediction - the Reds will be sellers, not buyers

The Reds are 5 games under .500. They will be sellers. Rival GM on Jocketty's course; "Seems like he isn't sure right now."

Here are five guys who could be on their way out of Cincinnati:
  1. Francisco Cordero - Aroldis Chapman is your new closer
  2. Ramon Hernandez
  3. Edinson Volquez
  4. Miguel Cairo - Someone may overpay for this solid pinch hitter
  5. Homer Bailey - Although, after giving up 9 runs against the Mets, nobody may want him

Cincinnati Bengals: Chad Ochocinco is a New England Patriots

As reported, Chad Ochocinco is on his way to Boston to join the New England Patriots. Say it a'int so Bengal fans.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Earth's wobble causes global warming

EARTH’S WOBBLE CAUSES GLOBAL WARNING, NOT CO2 EMISSIONS OR OCEAN CURRENTS, PER TEAM HEADED BY OSU RESEARCHER Digital Journal, “Debate Ends on Central Cause of Earth’s Cooling & Warming,” 8 Aug 2009; Space Daily, “Ice Ages Linked to Slight Shifts in Solar Radiation,” 24 Aug 2009; The Kiplinger Letter, “Climate Change Legislation, What it Means to Business,” 18 Aug 2009.
As the carbon dioxide management bill - aka cap and trade - looms in Congress, a new study from Oregon State University emerges that ends the scientific debate on the central causes of ice ages and warming periods on Earth.
Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore is fond of saying that the scientific debate on global warming is over - and while he may now be correct in the fact that a debate has come to an end, the central cause behind climate change does not support the carbon cap legislation that is being cobbled together by Mr. Gore and his Democratic allies in the U.S. Congress.
The earth cools and warms due to the wobble in its rotation and axis - factors in large-scale physics that human beings cannot control. These are factors, also, that human beings did not cause.
"Researchers have largely put to rest a long debate on the underlying mechanism that has caused periodic ice ages on Earth for the past 2.5 million years – they are ultimately linked to slight shifts in solar radiation caused by predictable changes in Earth's
rotation and axis," [i]Science Daily [/i]reported on Friday <> .

The findings from the research team at Oregon State University were published in the journal Science and conclude that changes in solar radiation caused by wobbling set off predictable periods of ice ages and of warming. While ocean temperatures and greenhouse gases play a tangential role in this heating and cooling process, the wobble of the earth is the core reason.
"The melting was first caused by more solar radiation, not changes in carbon dioxide levels or ocean temperatures, as some scientists have suggested in recent years," Science Daily reported.

The issue of global warming has been politicized around the world, and the concrete findings from Oregon State University are largely at odds with the human/carbon-cause perspective.
"Solar radiation was the trigger that started the ice melting, that's now pretty certain," said Peter Clark, the professor of geosciences at OSU who lead the study, according to Science Daily. "There were also changes in atmospheric carbon dioxide levels and ocean circulation, but those happened later and amplified a process that had already begun."
The amplification Professor Clark references will likely be reversed, as the planet's ongoing wobble is currently directing us into another ice age.

"Sometime around now, scientists say, the Earth should be changing from a long interglacial period that has lasted the past 10,000 years and shifting back towards conditions that will ultimately lead to another ice age – unless some other forces stop or slow it," Science Daily reported.
The researchers employed an analysis of 6,000 dates and locations of ice sheets. This approach provided an incredibly accurate picture of when they started to melt.
"We can calculate changes in the Earth's axis and rotation that go back 50 million years," Clark said. "These are caused primarily by the gravitational influences of the larger planets, such as Jupiter and Saturn, which pull and tug on the Earth in slightly different ways over periods of thousands of years."

The research was done in collaboration with scientists from the Geological Survey of Canada, University of Wisconsin, Stockholm University, Harvard University, the U.S. Geological Survey and University of Ulster. It was supported by the National Science Foundation and other agencies.

Concern over climate change, and its cause, impacts us all. According to the August 18th Kiplinger Letter, climate change legislation, currently working its way through congress, will cause the costs of fuel and electricity to soar, despite the swift growth in alternative sources of energy, such as solar, wind power and geothermal. New regulations will add as much as 20% to utility rates by 2020. And that’s over and above any increases anticipated from changes in supply and demand. All told, the average cost for residential, commercial and industrial users may be 50% higher than today. In areas such as the Midwest and Southeast where coal fired power dominates, a 100% hike is likely.
Motorists won’t get off easy, either. With climate change legislation, gas pump prices will be about $2 a gallon higher.

Gonorrhea Lectim

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The Air Force - solving problems since 1947

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Clark Little wave pictures

This guy stands in the water and waits until the last sec to snap his camera shutter then takes a beating when the wave collapses over him.
 Waive  Bay shore-break surfing pioneer, husband, and father of two, Clark Little has gained nationwide recognition for his photography on National Television..

It all started in 2007 when Clark 's wife wanted a nice piece of art to decorate a wall.

Voluntarily, Clark grabbed a camera, jumped in the water, and starting snapping away capturing the beauty and power of monstrous Hawaiian waves from the inside out.

" Clark 's view" is a unique view of the ocean that most will only
be able to experience safely on land while studying one of Clark 's photos.

Now with a camera upgrade and an itch to get that better shot, Clark has taken this on full time and has moved his office from land, to the inside of a barrel.

Since the recent stir of Clark 's work, his images have been run
on the Today Show, ABC World News Now, Nature's Best Photography, Paris Match(France), La Vie ( France ), Hana Hou (Hawaiian Airlines) magazine, Surfer magazine, Surfer's Journal
as well as multiple publishers and newspapers in the U.S. and overseas.

These incredible images of waves in the Hawaiian Islands were taken by Clark Little, the number one photographer of surf.
He is dedicated to photographing the waves and has published a selection of his best

Sun glints off  wave
Clark Little/SWNS

 Sand in surf
Clark Little/SWNS
This shot captures sand from the ocean's floor being swept up by a monstrous wave and resembles a sandstorm.

Little calls it the Sand monster.
There were clouds of sand ten feet high and I'm standing there. I'm holding on to my camera and my trigger as long as I can.
Then I have to jump into the cloud of sand to try to get out of danger's way.

His fans pay as much as $4,000 for his gorgeous photos.
Tubular shining
Clark Little/SWNS
 Beach - surf crashes down
Clark Little/SWNS
Molten liquid gold
Clark Little/SWNS
 White tumultuous water
Clark Little/SWNS
 Splash - stunning shot
Clark Little/SWNS
 Red mysterious shot
Clark Little/SWNS
 Break - wave crashes down
Clark Little/SWNS
 Beauty - water drops
Clark Little/SWNS

This shot is his favorite.
With a high shutter speed he caught the brilliant fanned effect of two waves  intersecting each other and throwing out this beautiful fan of water.

Cincinnati Bengals: Carson Palmer has retired

Bengals owner Mike Brown isn't playing around. Check out on Joe Reedy's blog.
“I’m not expecting him to be back. Carson signed a contract, he made a commitment. He gave us his word. We relied on his word and his commitment. We expected him to perform here. If he is going to walk away from his commitment we aren’t going to reward him for doing it.”
If the Bengals wanted to trade Palmer, here is what they might be able to get. Palmer could only manage to guide the Bengals to four wins last season. He is washed up and has lost any passion he had for football anyway. On his final play as a Bengal, he thought it was third down instead of fourth and threw the ball away to stop the clock.

When he signed the contract, he sure did act like this was his team. He quit on the team that paid him enough money to retire only three years after being drafted. He also quit on his the fans that supported him over the years. Now that he is set for life, he tried to push Mike Brown into trading him.

The Bengals could trade him, of course. However, it won't do much to improve the team. The people that say that Brown should trade him don't talk about what little they could get in return. Taking a low round pick or two isn't worth much.

Palmer was the highest paid player in the NFL. He collected the bulk of the contract and now wants to be traded or he'll retire. Palmer never intended to retire, though. This was the only card he had in his hand and he played it to force Mike Brown's hand. The only way Brown will (and should) trade Palmer is if it helps the Bengals more than it helps Palmer which seems unlikely. If someone was offering two high picks he would be gone but the market value for a washed up, statue-like, quarterback is thin.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Old people texting abbreviations

ATD - at the doctor

BFF - best friend fell

BTW - bring the wheelchair

BYOT - bring your own teeth

FWIW - forgot where I was

GGPBL - gotta go, pacemaker battery low

GHA - got heartburn again

IMHO - is my hearing aid on? 

LMDO - laughing my dentures out

LOL - living on Lipitor

OMMR - on my massage recliner

ROFLACGU - rolling on floor laughing and can't get up

TTYL - talk to you louder!

Click here for a list of things that have changed over the years.

Global Warming - A Different take from Ian Plimer

Ian Rutherford Plimer (born 12 February 1946) is an Australian geologist, academic and businessman, and professor of mining geology at the University of Adelaide. You will appreciate his take on climate change.(aka: global warming).
Professor Ian Plimer could not have said it better! If you've read his book you will agree, this is a good summary.
Are you sitting down?
Okay, here's the bombshell. The volcanic eruption in Iceland, since its first spewing of volcanic ash has, in just FOUR DAYS, NEGATED EVERY SINGLE EFFORT you have made in the past five years to control CO2 emissions on our planet - all of you.

Of course you know about this evil carbon dioxide that we are trying to suppress - it's that vital chemical compound that every plant requires to live and grow, and to synthesize into oxygen for us humans, and all animal life.

I know, it's very disheartening to realize that all of the carbon emission savings you have accomplished while suffering the inconvenience and expense of: driving Prius hybrids, buying fabric grocery bags, sitting up till midnight to finish your kid's "The Green Revolution" science project, throwing out all of your non-green cleaning supplies, using only two squares of toilet paper, putting a brick in your toilet tank reservoir, selling your SUV and speedboat, vacationing at home instead of abroad, nearly getting hit every day on your bicycle, replacing all of your 50 cents light bulbs with $10.00 light bulbs . . . well, all of those things you have done have all gone down the tubes in just four days.

The volcanic ash emitted into the Earth's atmosphere in just four days - yes - FOUR DAYS ONLY by that volcano in Iceland, has totally erased every single effort you have made to reduce the evil beast, carbon. And there are around 200 active volcanoes on the planet spewing out this crud any one time - EVERY DAY.I don't really want to rain on your parade too much, but I should mention that when the volcano Mt Pinatubo erupted in the Philippines in 1991, it spewed out more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere than the entire human race had emitted in its entire YEARS on earth. Yes folks, Mt Pinatubo was active for over one year - think about it.

Of course I shouldn't spoil this touchy-feely tree-hugging moment and mention the effect of solar and cosmic activity and the well-recognized 800-year global heating and cooling cycle, which keep happening, despite our completely insignificant efforts to affect climate change.

And I do wish I had a silver lining to this volcanic ash cloud but the fact of the matter is that the bush fire season across the western USA and Australia this year alone will negate your efforts to reduce carbon in our world for the next two to three years. And it happens every year.

Just remember that your government just tried to impose a whopping carbon tax on you on the basis of the bogus "human-caused" climate change scenario.

Hey, isn't it interesting how they don't mention "Global Warming" any more, but just "Climate Change" - you know why? It's because the planet has COOLED by 0.7 degrees in the past century and these global warming bull artists got caught with their pants down.

And just keep in mind that you might yet have an Emissions Trading Scheme - that whopping new tax - imposed on you, that will achieve absolutely nothing except make you poorer. It won't stop any volcanoes from erupting, that's for sure.
But hey, relax, give the world a hug and have a nice day !!!!!!
PS: I wonder if Iceland and Chile is buying carbon offsets ?????

Chicago Tribune cartoon from 1934 - Spend! Spend! Spend!

This cartoon was in the Chicago Tribune in 1934. Look carefully at the plan of action in the lower left corner.

Remember the adage: "Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it."

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cincinnati Reds: Brandon Phillips is "plankin"

BPeezy tweeted this from Pittsburgh on 7-19-2011 at around 3:30 AM:
I just had to go #plankin before I call it a night... Goodnight My Friends

Cincinnati Reds: Are the Reds interested in Wandy Rodriguez, Ubaldo Jimenez, Chone Figgins, or Coco Crisp??

Danny Knobler over on says

Even as they've strongly pursued Colorado's Ubaldo Jimenez and have looked into Houston's Wandy Rodriguez, the Reds have expanded their search for a new leadoff hitter, as well.

I would be shocked if they make a deal other than dumping Jonny Gomes or Ramon Hernandez to the highest bidders.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

WLW and ESPN1530 radio guy Lance McAlister has it wrong about Derek Jeter's 3000th hit ball

On July 9th, Derek Jeter picked up his 3,000th hit. Long time listeners of Lance McAlister's show know that he is against any fan trying to gain anything from catching a historical ball like this. Here are our tweets on the 9th:

LanceMcAlister Lance McAlister
I'll apply my long standing believe here: If I caught the ball I'd gladly hand it over to Jeter and simply shake his hand.

LanceMcAlister Lance McAlister
If he offered me something in return...fine.

mattdavidky matt
@LanceMcAlister isn't asking to meet jeter the same as asking for something? Why not just hand it to security if you really want nothing?

Seems like a straightforward question.

@LanceMcAlister Lance McAlister
@mattdavidky Really? Did you see the guy and his interview?

Based on his response, Lance clearly does not know what I'm talking about...I try again.

mattdavidky matt
@LanceMcAlister no I am just saying if you want nothing, hand the ball to security and return to your seat.

@LanceMcAlister Lance McAlister
@mattdavidky if you are really debating this why would you give it to anyone but the guy that actually hit it? I don't get it. What's point?

Uh, you would give it to security if you do not wish to benefit from catching the ball which Lance says he prefers. However, Lance does want to cash in but since he isn't broke he will only ask for a trip to the Yankee clubhouse and all the goodies that go with it.

mattdavidky matt
@LanceMcAlister just saying giving it to jeter in the clubhouse is pretty cool & is more than nothing which is what u claim to want.whatev

I could tell he wasn't following along.

My point (that went over Lance's head) is that if Lance wants nothing from the ball, he would:
  1. Not ask to meet Jeter knowing that he and/or the team will give him something for the gesture.
  2. Not accept any gift after handing over the ball.
  3. Not try to have his cake and eat it too. He wants nothing for the ball...oh yeah, except for a trip to the clubhouse to meet Hall of Famers and pick up some freebies when he gets there.
Nothing personal against the guy. He had a decent show and stuff but he is wrong here.

Cincinnati Bengals: Paul Brown Stadium is the "one of the worst deals ever"

This WSJ article doesn't hold back on how bad the deal was to build the Bengals and Reds one stadium each. Check it out.

An analysis by The Wall Street Journal shows that of the 23 National Football League stadiums built or renovated between 1992 and 2010, only two involved a single county government willing to shoulder the debt burden necessary to build costly new facilities. Of those 23 deals, the Bengals pact was unusually lopsided in favor of the team and risky for taxpayers—the result of strained negotiations between a local government and the professional sports team it was anxious to keep.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Bad Teacher: 15 Things I learned from watching Bad Teacher with Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz
  1. Professional basketball players wear condoms to prevent pregnancy then take the condoms with them so the women don't impregnate themselves with it.
  2. If you are a woman with small breasts, bigger boobs might help land a man to take care of you. Big boobs are the key.
  3. Movies are the new books.
  4. Dolphins are the humans of the sea.
  5. Later we'll all die said the gator to the fly.
  6. Jews are known to say "Thats my shpiel."
  7. Saying you want to run for president will get you punched.
  8. To settle an argument about whether Michael Jordan is better than LeBron James, you only need to mention the six titles Jordan won. Using this logic, Bill Russell is the greatest of all time.
  9. If you say the word "hate" on Christmas, you should apologize to Santa and Jesus.
  10. A kid that wears the same gymnastics sweatshirt three days a week isn't getting laid until he is 29.
  11. The textbook method to pick up a dude who is talking to another dude is to talk to one guy, then switch to the other, then switch back while still touching the second one.
  12. Justin Timberlake SINGS!!! YAY!!! He dry humps the bad teacher, too. Ewww!!!
  13. Ethiopian restaurants are a sign of progress.
  14. Abe Lincoln was known as the rail splitter when he was a boy in Springfield.
  15. Always take compromising photos of someone who has some dirt on you...just in case.
On a related note, Cameron discusses pubic hair in The Body Book.

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