Thursday, April 19, 2018

Movie review: Red Sparrow with Jennifer Lawrence

Holy crap...this movie sucks. That is my initial reaction. I should have known when Jennifer Lawrence was promoting the movie. She basically told us that she would be doing nude scenes so go see it for that. Now, if that is what the selling point is...well it can't be good, right?

Anyway, in this turd, JLaw plays a Russian ballerina who breaks her leg and has to become a sparrow to keep the apartment where she resides with her mother. If you have seen The Americans you know that a sparrow has to do whatever it takes to get information. A main part of "whatever it takes" is sex, of course. So, she learns how to use sex to get info. For a movie that was promoted around nudity and is about a sparrow, there is not much sex in the movie...or maybe I was looking at my phone during those scenes. 

In any case, she gets involved in deep spy stuff and madness most certainly ensues. I was hoping for a Basic Instinct type of movie but that is an all-time great so my expectations were clearly too high. JLaw should do comedies or light-hearted fare. She didn't do much for the role here.

This movie will appeal to you if:

  1. you want to see some naked JLaw but temper your expectations because it isn't that exciting.
  2. you like spy movies.
  3. Russian intrigue excites you.
This movie will not appeal to you if:

  1. you want a good plot.
  2. prefer that the leads in the movie have some chemistry.
  3. do not like it when the characters are Russian but speak English with a Russian accent. They should have made this more like The Americans.
  4. do not like rape scenes.
  5. do not like torture scenes.

Monday, April 16, 2018