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Five simple rules for happiness

Monday, May 9, 2016


Dubai in 1990

The same street in 2003


Dubai is said to currently have 15-25% of all the world's cranes.

The Dubai Waterfront. When completed it will become the largest waterfront development in the world.

All of this was built in the last 5 years, including that island that looks like a palm tree.

The Palm Islands in Dubai . New Dutch dredging technology was used to create these massive man made islands. They are the largest artificial islands in the world and can be seen from space. Three of these Palms will be made with the last one being the largest of them all.

Upon completion, the resort will have 2,000 villas, 40 luxury hotels, shopping centers, movie theaters, and many other facilities. It is expected to support a population of approximately 500,000 people. It is advertised as being visible from the moon.

The World Islands . 300 artificially created islands in the shape of the world. Each island will have an estimated cost of $25-30 million.

The Burj al-Arab hotel in Dubai . The worlds tallest hotel. Considered the only '7 star' hotel and the most luxurious hotel in the world. It stands on an artificial island in the sea.

Hydropolis, the world's first underwater hotel. Entirely built in Germany and then assembled in Dubai, was completed by 2009 after many delays.

The Burj Dubai. Construction began in 2005 and was completed by 2008. At an estimated height of over 800 meters, it is easily be world's tallest building when finished. It will be almost 40% taller than the the current tallest building, the Yaipei 101.

This is what downtown Dubai looked like around 2008-2009. More than 140 stories of the Burj Dubai have already been completed. It is already the worlds tallest man made structure and it is still not scheduled to be completed for at least another year.

The Al Burj. This will be the centerpiece of the Dubai Waterfront. It will take over the title of the tallest structure in the world from the Burj Dubai.

The final height of this tower is 1200 meters. That makes it more than 30% taller than the Burj Dubai and three times as tall as the Empire State Building .

The Burj al Alam, or The World Tower . It ranks as the world's highest hotel. It was finished by 2009. At 480 meters it is only 28 meters shorter than the Taipei 101.

The Trump International Hotel & Tower, is the centerpiece of one of the palm islands, The Palm Jumeirah.

.Dubailand. Currently, the largest amusement park collection in the world is Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando , which is also the largest single-site employer in the United states with 58,000 employees. Dubailand is twice the size.

Dubailand was built on 3 billion square feet (107 miles^2) at an estimated $20 billion price tag. The site included a purported 45 mega projects and 200 hundred other smaller projects.

DubaiSports City . A huge collection of sports arenas located in Dubailand.

Currently, the Walt Disney World Resort is the #1 tourist destination in the world. Dubailand will easily take over that title since it is expected to attract 200,000 visitors daily.

The Dubai Marina is an entirely man made development that contains over 200 high-rise buildings when finished. It is the home to some of the tallest residential structures in the world. The completed first phase of the project is shown. Most of the other high rise buildings were finished by 2009-2010.

The Dubai Mall is the largest shopping mall in the world with over 9 million square feet of shopping and around 1000 stores. It was completed in 2008.

Ski Dubai is the largest indoor skiing facility in the world. 

Some of the tallest buildings in the world, such as Ocean Heights and The Princess Tower , which will be the largest residential building in the world at over a 100 stories, will line the DubaiMarina.
The UAE Spaceport would be the first spaceport in the world if construction ever gets under way. I'm not joking...
Some other crazy .. The Dubai Metro system is the largest fully automated rail system in the world. The Dubai World Central International Airport is the largest airport in size. It is also the busiest airport in the world, based on passenger volume. There are more construction workers in Dubai than there are actual citizens.

How Donald Trump is not Hitler

A sizable portion of Hillary Clinton's supporters are violent and unstable. They are also simple enough to believe that Trump is actually Hitler. So...

Here is how Trump is not Hitler:

  1. Hitler wanted to conquer other countries. Trump is opposed to war unless for defense. That’s sort of a big difference right there.
  2. Hitler tried to exterminate minorities. Trump’s policies lean pro-minority
    1. Veterans are disproportionately minorities. Trump frequently talks about helping the veterans.
    2. Aborted babies are often minorities. Trump is anti-abortion.
    3. Trump wants to avoid people “dying in the streets” with no healthcare, and that benefit is good for minorities.
    4. Trump wants to keep Social Security strong, which helps everyone, but mostly people at lower incomes.
    5. Trump’s spokesperson is half African-American.
    6. Trump’s daughter converted to Judaism.
  3. Stopping illegal immigration reduces job competition for lower-income families. Some say it also reduces violence to women of all ethnicities. Hitler would not have supported this.
  4. Trump wants citizens to be armed. Hitler didn’t want that.
  5. Unlike Hitler, Trump is happy to invite anyone with useful technical skills to the country, no matter their ethnicity.
  6. Unlike Hitler, Trump has never made reference to ethnicity. Trump often mentions countries of origin and also religion. But so far, not ethnicity. Not ever.

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Signs and symptoms of stroke

Each year, more than 700,000 Americans suffer a stroke. 

Important signs and symptoms of stroke include:

  • Sudden numbness or weakness of face, arm, or leg – especially on one side of the body.
  • Sudden confusion, trouble speaking or difficulty understanding.
  • Sudden trouble seeing in one or both eyes.
  • Sudden trouble walking, dizziness, loss of balance or coordination.
  • Sudden severe headache with no known cause.

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Album Review: Bad Company - Fame and Fortune

Album Review

Band: Bad Company
Album: Fame and Fortune
Year: 1986

The new singer of Bad Company, Brian Howe, is a dead ringer for Lou Gramm of Foreigner. It would be hard to believe that Mick Ralphs (Guitar) and Simon Kirke were not intentionally trying to mimic Foreigner on this. The album was produced by Foreigner producer Keith Olsen and Foreigner's Mick Jones was the executive producer. So, instead of comparing this album to previous Bad Company albums, try comparing it to Foreigner’s “Agent Provocateur” or “Inside Information”. This album stacks up quite well with those. 

Side note: when Gramm left Foreigner, Howe would have been a much better replacement than Kelly Hansen.

Four three star songs is pretty solid. If you like mid-80s AOR rock, this album is for you.

Here is the list:

1.             Burning Up ★★★  Best song on this album and the one that sounds the most like the original band.
2.             This Love ★★ – Not too shabby.
3.             Fame and Fortune ★★★ – Wait….maybe this is the best song on this album…I can’t decide.
4.             That Girl ★★
5.             Tell It Like It Is ★★
6.             Long Walk ★★★  Really good song.
7.             Hold on My Heart  Not too good.
8.             Valerie ★★ – This song is ok and is the most different from previous BadCo.
9.             When We Made Love – Yuck.
10.          If I'm Sleeping ★★★  Catchy little tune here.