Wednesday, May 4, 2011

She's Out Of My League: 10 things I learned watching She's Out Of My League with Alice Eve

  1. A moodle is a man poodle.
  2. Double bagging it prevents seepage.
  3. Guys who are skinny, have a bad job, have no career, and low self-esteem can attract a woman like Alice Eve as long as her most recent boyfriend cheated on her.
  4. If a guy shaves another guy's genitals, it is totally not gay.
  5. Only plane doctors know about cell phone usage on planes.
  6. Alice Eve is a hard 10.
  7. A person can't jump more than two points unless he is a rock star or a cartoon. Therefore, if you are a 5 out of 10, you have no chance at a 7+.
  8. Jay Baruchel is great at acting like a dork with no self-confidence.
  9. Alice Eve does not get naked in this movie (although she does get down to bra and panties).
  10. Alice Eve does get naked in Crossing Over and can be seen in a wet, see-through top in Sex and the City 2.

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