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Album Review: Bad Company - Fame and Fortune

Album Review

Band: Bad Company
Album: Fame and Fortune
Year: 1986

The new singer of Bad Company, Brian Howe, is a dead ringer for Lou Gramm of Foreigner. It would be hard to believe that Mick Ralphs (Guitar) and Simon Kirke were not intentionally trying to mimic Foreigner on this. The album was produced by Foreigner producer Keith Olsen and Foreigner's Mick Jones was the executive producer. So, instead of comparing this album to previous Bad Company albums, try comparing it to Foreigner’s “Agent Provocateur” or “Inside Information”. This album stacks up quite well with those. 

Side note: when Gramm left Foreigner, Howe would have been a much better replacement than Kelly Hansen.

Four three star songs is pretty solid. If you like mid-80s AOR rock, this album is for you.

Here is the list:

1.             Burning Up ★★★  Best song on this album and the one that sounds the most like the original band.
2.             This Love ★★ – Not too shabby.
3.             Fame and Fortune ★★★ – Wait….maybe this is the best song on this album…I can’t decide.
4.             That Girl ★★
5.             Tell It Like It Is ★★
6.             Long Walk ★★★  Really good song.
7.             Hold on My Heart  Not too good.
8.             Valerie ★★ – This song is ok and is the most different from previous BadCo.
9.             When We Made Love – Yuck.
10.          If I'm Sleeping ★★★  Catchy little tune here.

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