Thursday, April 14, 2016

Album Review: Deep Purple - Slaves and Masters

Album Review

Band: Deep Purple
Album: Slaves and Masters
Year: 1990

Slaves and Masters is not usually given its due, folks. 

For this album, Ritchie Blackmore dumped Ian Gillan from the band and brought in his old chum from Rainbow, Joe Lynn Turner. The album sounds just like a Turner-era Rainbow album more than a Deep Purple album. The first three songs are all really good - King of Dreams (easily the best song on here), The Cut Runs Deep, and Fire In the Basement. It does go downhill a bit from there but the rest of the songs are pretty good. Well, that is with one exception - Love Conquers All, a turd love ballad that is the only song that I skip when I play this album. Fortuneteller is the best song on the back half. 

Turner is on record saying that they were trying to get a pop-rock hit out of this album and it shows. Many other bands (most notably Aerosmith) tried the same thing in this era with varying results. If you like the Joe Lynn Turner version of Rainbow, you will surely like this. 

By the way, Turner was booted from the band after the tour and Blackmore reluctantly replaced him with Gillan after much complaining from the band and fans.

Here is the list:
  1. King of Dreams ★★★★
    1. Best song on this album..
  2. The Cut Runs Deep ★★★
  3. Fire In the Basement ★★
  4. Truth Hurts 
  5. Breakfast In Bed 
  6. Love Conquers All 
    1. This song sucks!
  7. Fortuneteller 
  8. Too Much Is Not Enough ★★
  9. Wicked Ways. ★★
  10. Slow Down Sister 

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