Thursday, December 17, 2015

Keeping Christ in Christmas

  Lets see if we can spread the true spirit of Christmas.  We have an excellent way of reaching thousands through the internet.  Let each of us do our part in letting people know
Christ is the reason for Christmas.. Not adding
sales up on cash registers for gifts bought, not replacing the word Christmas for Seasons Greetings or Happy Holidays.  Let's insist on saying only Merry 'Christ'mas!


  Christmas is not
santa claus, not Rudolph, not replacing the beautiful Christmas Carols with senseless tunes that have taken their place.  How sad Jesus must be to hear.. Grandma got ran over by a reindeer!  Christmas is not for seeing how far we can go into debt trying to please loved ones, and certainly
not for putting so much stress on ourselves, we break down, try suicide, or hate the thought of Christmas!  How must Jesus feel to know His
birthday has taken on a commercial race that causes Christmas to be the most dreaded time
of the year for many.

If each of us do our part on insisting there is
no other reason for Christmas, than the birth of our Savior, maybe some schools and stores will see the truth about Christmas and stop worrying about what the ACLU says about it. Perhaps it may pave the way for bringing God back to power in America!

  Christ changed the world with the help of only
12 men!  Just think of what the thousands of
Christians on the internet could do, if we stand
together and demand.....


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