Monday, December 28, 2015

Album Review: Pat Benatar - Crimes of Passion

Album Review

Band: Pat Benatar
Album: Crimes of Passion
Year: 1980

People forget how spectacular Pat Benatar was. This is her second album and probably her best. The songs you know are great of course but there are no duds on the album.  

Here is the list:
  1. Treat Me Right ★★★★
    1. Great song to start off.
  2. You Better Run ★★★
    1. Definitely an improvement over the original by The Young Rascals.
  3. Never Wanna Leave You 
  4. Hit Me With Your Best Shot ★★★★
    1. This is Pat Benatar's most well-known song.
  5. Hell Is For Children 
    1. Holy Crap! This song is awesome but check it out live.
  6. Little Paradise ★★
    1. Worst song on here and it is pretty good.
  7. I'm Gonna Follow You 
  8. Wuthering Heights ★★
    1. Originally a Kate Bush song that Benatar just kills. Some say this is the best song on the album but they are wrong.
  9. Prisoner Of Love ★★
    1. Surprisingly catch tune.
  10. Out-A-Touch ★★
    1. Another fine song...don't skip this one.

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