Thursday, December 17, 2015

Album review: The Cars - CandyO

Album Review

Band: The Cars
Album: CandyO
Year: 1979

True parents did not give us any money when I was a sapling. So, my brother and I used to collect aluminum cans to earn some dough. We lived near an apartment complex that had several dumpsters so we started dumpster diving for cans. We also found some treasure. For example, one day, I found this The Cars CandyO on 8-track in a dumpster. Someone threw out this gem? I know...hard to believe, right? Anyway, I would never have purchased it but it turned out to be a favorite. I played the crap out of it which may have enhanced my rating for each song I suppose. There are no bad songs...not a clunker to be found. It is probably not as good as The Cars' debut but it is not far off.

Here is the list:
  1. Let's Go ★★★★
    1. This one got the most radio play but still a four-star song to me.
  2. Since I Held You ★★★★
    1. I may be the only person in the world who would rate this a five-star song.
  3. It's All I Can Do ★★
  4. Double Life ★★
  5. Shoo Be Doo ★★
    1. This song fits nicely in the middle of the album and sets up Candy-O perfectly.
  6. Candy-O ★★★
  7. Night Spots 
  8. You Can't Hold On Too Long ★★
  9. Lust For Kicks ★★
  10. Got a Lot On My Head ★★★★
    1. I love the line "I got a lot on my head...most of it is you". I mean, we've all be there before fo sho.
  11. Dangerous Type ★★★★
    1. Fantastic way to close out.

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