Thursday, December 17, 2015

Album Review: Loverboy - Get Lucky

Album Review

Band: Loverboy
Album: Get Lucky
Year: 1981

I totally dismissed Loverboy in the beginning. I liked their songs but the guy's butt on the album cover led me to believe that this music was just not aimed at me. I wonder if this cost them some fans. Then, in 1988, I saw them in concert with Dokken (who I was really there to see). They rocked the house, of course. I saw them as older and fatter men in 2015 and they still are killing it. Anyhoo, there is only one turd on this album.Their follow-up albums were all pretty much decent. thus, this album was clearly their high point. 

When you have two five star songs and three other four star songs, you know we are talking about a classic. 

Here is the list:
  1. Working For The Weekend ★★★★
    1. This is their signature song that everyone knows.
  2. When It's Over ★★★
  3. Jump ★★
  4. Gangs In The Street ★★
    1. This song is great but the lyrics have to be a joke. Mike Reno was probably like: "Hey, guys. I am out of ideas for this kick ass song. Here are some complete garbage lyrics. Lets see if anyone notices."
  5. Emotional 
    1. Mike Reno didn't sing this one and it shows.
  6. Lucky Ones ★★★
  7. It's Your Life 
  8. Watch Out ★★
  9. Take Me To The Top ★★
    1. This might be their best song!

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