Thursday, October 29, 2015

Halloween - Haunted car commercial

Be sure to turn the sound up and read the text below before you click on the video.  Oh, and Happy Halloween!

A bit creepy, but very cool.

Apparently, a car advertisement from Great Britain had to be removed because of a strange coincidence and something the film caught.

The editor saw a human-like mist moving along side the car when it cleared the trees in the middle of the shot.  Make sure you watch the front end of the car closely.  It may just be a trick of the camera, but it definitely looks a bit like your stereotypical ghost.  You can even hear the cameraman whisper something towards the end.  It is faint, but if you turn up your sound you should hear it.

They decided to not run the spot after finding out that someone had been killed on that spot of road a bit earlier.

It's a bit creepy, but, it is Halloween.  Have fun!

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