Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Products of the future

This is whats coming down the pike very soon!!

 Glass Holder 
 Traffic Signal with Hour glass timer 
 Solar Charging while Parking 
 No more Blind Spots (rear view mirror)
 Wearable wireless mouse
 Hoodie BackPack
 Hidden Power Outlet 
 Unique umbrella design
 Ruler with holes for precision 
 Eco friendly Toilet
 Solar rocking chair
 Digitally precise protractor
 You can find the keyhole even when drunk.
There were times when I could have used this one 
 For smart parents
 Bicycle Parking
 Digital Measuring Cup
 Built-in Wall extension cord 
 iPhone Lens
 Spoke-less bicycle 
 Compact Boots
 Digital Ink for Tablets
 Solar Charges + Window Stickies
 Knives Set
 Rubik's cube for the blind 
 Zipper Ear Phones
 Self Locking Bike
 Calendar Ring 
 Solar Powered Camping Tent

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