Friday, January 4, 2013

Top ten "killers" in the United States

Let’s see here, between tobacco and alcohol, there are 636,000 deaths per year, or 55 times as many as with firearms. 
Motor vehicles are 3 times as many as firearms. 
Seems to me we need to have special licenses for smokes and booze, with classes required, and background checks.   That should occur at least every year, with immediate revocation upon the occurrence of any incident.  Cars licenses could be re-issued after re-testing every 18 months, with the same revocation policy. 
Many municipalities/States currently have laws on the books against making available through negligence or by intent, items with which children can harm themselves or others.  Here in Nebraska little time passes without reading of charges being filed against parents/other adults for those reasons.

This data comes from our Federal Govt - the FBI and Center for Disease Control. 

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