Saturday, November 3, 2012

Las Vegas Stratosphere pictures

The Tower is 350 meters high, equivalent to 110 floors.  It’s a panoramic tower!

It is a rollercoaster -- at the top of the tower!
A second “fun ride" is an elevator, which rises to the top and then descends, making people feel the effect of up to four times the gravitational force! 

This ride“simulates” as if it’s going to go into space…..but it stops at the last minute. 

And now the last one…..
People sit on the chairs and see what happens....
The whole unit begins to rotate at high speed.
The effect of the centrifugal force causes the mechanism to start to open up and... 

Catch the speed!
It circles at 40 MPH at a 3G force!!! 

Go to the potty before you ride, though! 

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