Saturday, December 17, 2011

Tower Heist: 20 Things I Learned Watching Tower Heist with Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy

  1. Judd Hirsch from Taxi and Alan Alda from Mash are still working actors.
  2. Burger King employees are not allowed to have sex in the store.
  3. Burger King does not check your balls.
  4. What is invisible and smells like worms? Bird farts.
  5. A tiny vagina is a hereditary trait.
  6. Nova in Spanish means "It doesn't go"
  7. Asthma symptoms can be confused with seizures.
  8. Shoplifting $50 worth of merchandise proves that you are ready to steal $20 million.
  9. Don't trust your wallet with a thief. 
  10. Lesbians have the nicer breasts than non-lesbians.
  11. You can avoid paying a restaraunt check by planting a roach in your food.
  12. There are no episodes of Matlock where the criminal banged Matlock.
  13. The women in the French Playboy magazine are even more naked than the American version.
  14. All the security guards in a building will be distracted by a French Playboy magazine. 
  15. If an FBI agent is allergic to chocolate, you will have to knock him out cold with a pastry cart.
  16. An elderly women will not question why a red sports car is in the hallway if you are willing to walk her dog.
  17. The FBI is incompetent enough to miss the solid gold car in the room with an incriminating evidence in the glove box when searching the room of a suspected swindler. 
  18. A solid gold car is suprisingly lightweight and easy to move around in and out of an elevator shaft..
  19. Matthew Broderick can hang for a very long time from his fingertips.
  20. You can dangle a Ferrari out of a penthouse window during the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade and nobody will notice.

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