Saturday, June 11, 2011

Move like This by the Cars: Reviewed

I am a huge fan of The Cars. Check out my review of their new CD over on Yahoo.

Here is my ranking of all the albums by The Cars:
1. The Cars (1978) - This album won't be surpassed and is one of the greatest of all-time.

2. Candy-O (1979) - Another album full of great songs.

3. Heartbeat City (1984) - This album had big hits on it like "You Might Think", "Magic", and "Drive".

4. Move Like This (2011) - Yes, the new release is the fourth best Cars album in their

5. Door To Door (1987) - Many folks don't care for this one but I consider it to be a tad underrated.

6. Panorama (1980) - There are very good songs on this CD but a couple duds as well.

7. Shake It Up (1981) - The weakest entry in The Cars catalog but still has "Since You're Gone" and "Cruiser" on it which are both fine tunes.

"Move Like This" is a worthy addition to any music collection.

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