Friday, May 13, 2011

Hall Pass: 12 things I learned watching Hall Pass with Owen Wilson and Jenna Fischer

1. Women generally notice when you are checking out another woman's butt even if you think you are sneaky.

2. A spank bank is a collection of photos stored in memory that are used for...well...figure it out for yourself.

3. Guys are wired to notice all women.

4. Some women hang out with unattractive women to make them appear more attractive.

5. Three shots of Tequila cost $57.

6. Allysa Millano is still hot.

7. A hall pass is a vacation from marriage.

8. If you get a hall pass, your first stop should be Applebees.

9. Some people think Chili's is a great place to pick up women.

10. There are massage parlors that only offer massages.

11. Admitting marital infidelity is preferred over attending a Kathy Griffin show.

12. Women can't tell the difference between chow and fake chow.

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