Friday, May 6, 2011

15 Things I learned from reading Life by Keith Richards

1. Keith's mother, Doris, had a long time fling with the man who would become his stepfather.

2. Richards did a lot of heroin but it didn't affect him because he knew when to stop and only used high quality smack.

3. The Rolling Stones band watched Mick Jagger's butt a lot.

4. Mick Jagger has a "tiny todger."

5. Keef might have had a homosexual encounter with Gram Parsons ("the only guy I ever slept with") but, then again, he may have been referring to actual sleep.

6. Mick Jagger is a saint for putting up with Richards for all those years.

7. Richards' ex-wife, Anita Pallenberg, hooked up with three of the Rolling Stones members (Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, and Brian Jones).

8. Richards' got even with Jagger by hooking up with Marianne Faithful ("while you were missing it, I was kissing it")

9. Keef didn't like that Jagger was playing Stones' songs with another band but it was OK for him to do the same with the X Pensive Winos.

10. He can be quite the ruffian. This one time he threatened a DJ with a knife for playing Stones' songs.

11. Keith will forgive anyone's flaws and is a loyal friend through thick and thin unless the friend's name is Brian Jones or Mick Jagger

12. He didn't have his blood transfused in Switzerland although he may have had some blood filtering done and he did snort his father's ashes.

13. Keef claims that he was confronted on a narrow ledge in the Atlas Mountains by a rocket-carrying truck and four police motorcyclists where he drove straight at the police escort and heard, a moment later, both truck and rocket exploding miles below. Strangely, he never heard anything more about this tale. Mmmm hmmm.

14. People like Ronnie Spector, Jim Dickinson, Andrew Oldham, and Bobby Keys contribute with their versions but, strangely, none of the Rolling Stones added anything.

15. Keith skips over writing about classic Stones' songs and albums, Bill Wyman, the death of Brian Jones, Altamont, and the 1972 tour. However, he does provide the reader of mundane stories about his various travels, how to make bangers, knife fight techniques, and such.

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