Sunday, July 30, 2017

Album Review: Born Cages - I'm Glad I'm Not Me

Album Review

Band: Born Cages
Album: I'm Glad I'm Not Me
Year: 2015

This is a strong debut album. There is not really a bad track here. There are great guitar riffs and catchy melodies galore. I liked this album a lot. Standout tracks are: Don't Look Back, Dirty Money, and Finding Beauty In a Broken World. Probably their best song is Our Revolution on the Transformers Roll Out soundtrack so check that out also.

The lead singer is nothing like Brandon Flowers but their sound is similar to The Killers.

Here is the list:
1.             Rolling Down the Hill ★★★
2.             Bigger Than Me ★★★
3.             Don’t Look Back ★★★
4.             Moving On ★★★
5.             I Just Want the Truth, Baby ★★
6.             Give Me a Smile ★★
7.             Caiti ★★★
8.             Metaphor ★★★
9.             Dirty Money ★★★
10.          Volcano ★★
11.          Green ★★
12.          Finding Beauty In A Broken World ★★

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