Thursday, September 29, 2016

Why Hillary Clinton is not ahead

Hillary Clinton can not put Trump away, because of her dishonest dealings throughout the years. Her attacks on Trump seem to lack teeth. Most voters don't care about:
  1. ...if Trump called a cute little fat girl fat.
  2. many times he has been married
  3. ...if he paid taxes or not, that is up to his accountants, and the IRS
  4. ...if he thinks Rosie O Donnell is a pig.
  5. ...if he went bankrupt. It is not against the law
  6. ...what he thought about Iraq 12 years ago. He was a civilian, and not privy to all the information
  7. ...who his contractors hire. He has no say in that, or he would be an employer
  8. ...if he likes John McCain (his comments were taken out of context anyway).
  9. ...where he thinks Obama was born
  10. ...if Al Sharpton likes him or not
  11. ...if he builds a wall or who gets mad about it or who pays for it
  12. ...what other countries think about Trump
  13. ...what people think about banning potential terrorists from the country
  14. ...if people don't like that he believes jobs are more important than more welfare
  15. ...if Hollywood people leave the country
People do care about:
  1. ...if Government officials sell access to their office
  2. ...if government contracts are awarded based on the amount of contributions
  3. ...if they ship money in secret to other countries
  4. ...if our country's secrets are not secure
  5. ...when the fix is in to protect candidates from criminal prosecution
  6. ...if the candidate is healthy enough to serve

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