Monday, May 9, 2016

How Donald Trump is not Hitler

A sizable portion of Hillary Clinton's supporters are violent and unstable. They are also simple enough to believe that Trump is actually Hitler. So...

Here is how Trump is not Hitler:

  1. Hitler wanted to conquer other countries. Trump is opposed to war unless for defense. That’s sort of a big difference right there.
  2. Hitler tried to exterminate minorities. Trump’s policies lean pro-minority
    1. Veterans are disproportionately minorities. Trump frequently talks about helping the veterans.
    2. Aborted babies are often minorities. Trump is anti-abortion.
    3. Trump wants to avoid people “dying in the streets” with no healthcare, and that benefit is good for minorities.
    4. Trump wants to keep Social Security strong, which helps everyone, but mostly people at lower incomes.
    5. Trump’s spokesperson is half African-American.
    6. Trump’s daughter converted to Judaism.
  3. Stopping illegal immigration reduces job competition for lower-income families. Some say it also reduces violence to women of all ethnicities. Hitler would not have supported this.
  4. Trump wants citizens to be armed. Hitler didn’t want that.
  5. Unlike Hitler, Trump is happy to invite anyone with useful technical skills to the country, no matter their ethnicity.
  6. Unlike Hitler, Trump has never made reference to ethnicity. Trump often mentions countries of origin and also religion. But so far, not ethnicity. Not ever.

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