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Kentucky Basketball: Ranking The Best Three Point Shooters in Kentucky History

If a player takes a shot and you are surprised that he missed, he is a good shooter. There have been many good shooters in UK history. Kentucky Wildcat basketball has been around a long time. This list of the all-time best three point shooters list would look different if they had a three point line all along. UK greats like Louis Dampier and Jim Master would probably be on this list.

The NCAA adopted the three point line in 1986. Back then, the distance was 19-foot, 9-inches. In 2008, the NCAA lengthened it to 20 feet 9 inches. Since we have no stats for this until 1986, this list will just focus on Kentucky players after that and is based on career three point shooting percentage. To qualify, the player must have averaged at least 125 three point shots per season.

Here are the top ten three point shooters in Kentucky history since 1986:

10. Derrick Miller
Attempts – 533
Threes – 191
3pt% - 35.83
In the 1989-90 season, Miller jacked up a UK season record 289 threes. He set that record in only 28 games. Not only does Miller have the record for the most three point attempts in a game (19), he has the top seven spots on the list. Miller made six or more threes seven times.

9. Jamal Mashburn
Attempts – 394
Threes – 148
3pt% - 37.56
Mashburn came to Kentucky when they were in the middle of a probation sentence. He is one of the best all around players in Wildcat history. Mashburn made four or more threes in a game 10 times in his career including a career high six against Indiana.

8. Brandon Knight
Attempts – 231
Threes – 87
3pt% - 37.66
Knight joined elite company* when he lit up West Virginia or a career-high 30 points which carried the Wildcats into the Sweet 16. Among all freshmen in Kentucky history, he is first in points, second in assists and first in three-point goals. Many of Knight’s shots were taken with a hand in his face.

7. Patrick Sparks
Attempts – 397
Threes – 151
3pt% - 38.04
In the 2005 Elite Eight game against Michigan State, Patrick Sparks sent the game into overtime with a memorable three at the buzzer that seemingly hung on the rim forever. Sparks was a solid player and great shooter who made six or more threes in a game three times.

6. Jodie Meeks       
Attempts – 459
Threes – 177
3pt% - 38.56
Meeks has the UK record for most threes made in a game with ten. In that game, he put on a shooting clinic and finished with 54 points which is the highest scoring game in Kentucky history. Meeks also has the season record for threes. He made seven or more threes four times.

5. Gerald Fitch
Attempts – 502
Threes – 199
3pt% - 39.64
Fitch might be a surprise on this list but he made the fourth most threes in UK history. Fitch was a fine offensive player who could create his own shot and hit threes. His Kentucky career ended with a missed shot at the buzzer in a painful loss to UAB in the second round of the 2004 NCAA Tournament.

4. Tony Delk
Attempts – 712
Threes – 283
3pt% - 39.75
Delk has made the most threes in Kentucky history. He was a key member of 1996 NCAA National Championship. He made seven three pointers in the title game that year and sank six or more threes in a game nine times in his Kentucky career.

3. Rex Chapman
Attempts – 335
Threes – 134
3pt% - 40
Chapman was a superstar throughout Kentucky during his two seasons. When Chapman arrived at Kentucky, some were ready to rename the city Rexington. He was named All-SEC during his freshman and sophomore years. He scored 1,073 points in only two years.
2. Travis Ford
Attempts – 427
Threes – 190
3pt% - 44.5
When Ford was open, he was money. Ford held the Wildcat record for three-pointers made in a season for 16 years when he made 101 during his junior year. That season, he shot a school-record 52.9 percent from beyond the arc. His 44.5 career three-point percentage is the best in school history among players with at least 200 attempts.

1. Doron Lamb
Attempts – 303
Threes – 144
3pt% - 47.52
That’s right, Big Blue Nation…Doron Lamb is one of the best shooters in Kentucky history. He is a great player and was a huge part of the 2011-12 team. He shoots the three well but also can take the ball to the basket. He is mentally tough and does not back down from knocking down big shots. He isn’t intimidated by anyone. If Coach Cal had run some plays for him so he could get some open looks in the 2011 Final Four game against Connecticut, they might have won the game and the championship. He is not a volume shooter like Miller, Meeks, or Delk were in their day. Lamb is an efficient offensive player who can pass, get to the rack, hit a floater, or drop a three.

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