Friday, July 8, 2011

New York Yankees: Five Reasons Derek Jeter Won't Break Pete Rose's Record

Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter is in the 3,000 hit club and and someday will be a first ballot Hall of Famer. There is no evidence that Jeter is even interested in the hit record. However, if he can bang out 141 hits this season and average 170 hits per season for the next seven seasons, he can pull it off.
It would be fun to watch someone challenge a great record like this. It also would be nice if the hit king was eligible to be inducted into the Hall Of Fame.
Here is why it won't happen.

History—Middle infielders

It is well known that middle infielders don't age well. In recent years we have seen great players like Barry Larkin, Roberto Alomar, and Craig Biggio decline as they got into their 30s. However, the list of other middle infielders in the same boat include Cal Ripken, Robin Yount, and Rogers Hornsby, Shortstops tend to age better than second basemen, but the facts are the facts. Honus Wagner had 942 hits after he turned 37 which is the most of any shortstop. Obviously, that won't get it done.
History will work against Derek Jeter.


Everyone knows that Pete Rose had the Reds organization and the city of Cincinnati behind him in his chase for Ty Cobb's record. As manager, he inserted his name in the lineup whenever he wanted. Jeter won't be able to do this and probably won't want to.
Mark Teixeira and Alex Rodriguez are signed for the next few years. One of those two will be the DH for the Bombers. Jeter may be able to DH for another team to get the record but he will likely be a career Yankee. Therefore, Jeter will have to do this in the outfield. There is little chance of that happening.


As said earlier, there is no evidence that he is even interested in the record. Pete Rose had his eye on the record years before he got close. Also, Jeter is one of the greatest shortstops of all time and does not need the record to justify it.


Remaining healthy for the next few years is going to be difficult. Jeter is going to start missing more games each year due to minor injuries.
Less games means less hits.

Minka Kelly


Jeter is dating some hottie named Minka Kelly. She may not be the one but the girl of his dreams will come along soon enough. You know the drill: First comes love, then comes marriage, than comes Derek Jr. in a baby carriage.
Women are great for a lot of things, but improving one's game isn't one of them.

Long live Pete Rose's record

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