Friday, July 8, 2011

Joey Votto's rise to stardom

This article discusses Votto's rise to stardom.
So why did Votto develop better than expected? I think that first quote about him being a “baseball rat” speaks volumes. This is a guy who moved slowly through the minors. It took him a year to adjust at low Class A and he had mediocre time at high Class A. He learned and adjusted at each level; he wasn’t a guy who just relied on natural talent. Also, I think he his athleticism was always underrated. Once regarded a poor fielder and slow runner, he proved experts wrong in both phases, where he’s turned into a solid fielder and guy who can swipe a few bases. But undoubtedly the biggest key to his success is his plate discipline, something he had from the beginning of his career. Just check his walk totals in the majors: 59 to 70 to 91 to 62 already this season. He’s learned to wait for his pitch, which in turn has allowed him to become a .300 hitter in the majors.

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