Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Cincinnati Reds: Ten Reasons why the Reds should trade for Jose Reyes

  1. Reyes is an exciting player that will bring fans to Great American Ballpark to watch the Reds.
  2. A non-pitching rental like Reyes may not cost that much in terms of talent. To get Reyes might require only a decent minor leaguer.
  3. It won't cost a huge amount of money (in baseball terms). Reyes makes $11M this year and is a free agent after the season.
  4. The Reds need someone to set the table for Joey Votto, Jay Bruce, and Brandon Phillips.
  5. Reyes at the top of the order enables Drew Stubbs to move down in the order to make better use of his power.
  6. Reyes is an offensive and defensive force at one of the most difficult positions.
  7. Reyes is a huge upgrade at shortstop which is an automatic out for the Reds.
  8. He would provide a spark that would get the whole team going.
  9. Reyes may like it in Cincinnati and choose to sign a four year deal for $40 million.
  10. Reyes makes the Reds contenders for the World Series.

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