Friday, May 13, 2011

Cincinnati Reds: Five moves the Reds should make

1. Recall Yonder Alonso who is currently putting this up: 322 / .378 / .534. Put Alonso in left field and leave him there.

2. Send Aroldis Chapman down to become a starter. Chapman's talents are being wasted as a setup man.

3. Send Edinson Volquez down to learn how to pitch.

4. Trade Jonny Gomes to the highest bidder. I was surprised when they picked up his option.

5. Resign Brandon Phillips to a four year dealio. Here are other 2nd basemen contracts:

Dan Uggla, 5 years, $62 million
Rickie Weeks, 4 years, $38.5 million
Chase Utley, 7 years, $85 milion
Robinson Cano, 4 years, $30 million
Dustin Pedroia, 6 years, $40.5 million
Ian Kinsler, 5 years, $22 million
Orlando Hudson, 2 years, $11.5 million

Phillips should be worth something like four years, $50 million but it isn't my money.

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