Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Cincinnati Bengals: A Yahoo writer says Carson Palmer should come back

Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer drew a line in the sand after the 2010 season, asking for a trade and insisting that he would rather retire than play another down for his current team. This despite signing a six-year, $118.5 million contract extension in December of 2005 that was supposed to take him through the 2014 season. It’s easy to understand Palmer’s frustration with a front office that runs hot and cold, but the man himself hasn’t been what he was in recent years, as injuries have taken their toll.

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Do the Bengals even want this guy back at this point? Palmer wasn't all bad but it didn't look like he was trying all the time. He threw into triple coverage more than a veteran quarterback should. He also didn't have his head in the game.

Think back to the last play in the last game of the season. The Bengals were driving to victory with time running out. From the Ravens 11, Palmer connected with Andre Caldwell at the 2-yard line. That made it second down, but the Bengals coaching staff and Carson Palmer thought it was first down. Palmer then stopped the clock by spiking the ball with 22 seconds. On third down, he threw a fade to Caldwell which was incomplete. On fourth down, Palmer scrambled and threw the ball away, thinking it was third down. If he had realized that it was fourth down, he might have run the ball in for the game-winning score. As the Ravens were taking the field, Palmer was just figuring out that they had just turned the ball over on downs.

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