Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Top Kentucky Wildcat pro players of all time

I created a list devoted to the top professional basketball players from the University of Kentucky. There have been 71 players who have gone from Kentucky to the NBA/ABA. This does not include guys like Chris Mills, Rodrick Rhodes, and Michael Bradley who transferred to other schools before going pro. Don't feel bad for them, though. They wouldn't have made the list anyway.

To come up with this list, I used a formula I found here. It is called TRU. The formula looks like this:

fg + 3g*.5 + (fga - fg)*.7 + ft*.85 - fta*.35 + orb*.7 + drb*.3 + ast*.8 + stl + blk*.8 - to

I took that formula and plugged in career per game stats instead of cumulative so longevity was not a factor.

Click here to find the top 11 ABA/NBA players who came from the University of Kentucky.

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