Friday, April 9, 2010

The Tiger Woods Commercial: What can we learn?

Opinions of the new Tiger Woods Nike commercial are all over the place. Many people are appalled. Many people think it is a breathtaking 30 second film of Tiger Woods today. Then again, many people don't care.

The objective here is to take a pragmatic approach to examining the commercial and answering all the questions. It won't be long before Tiger Woods gets his sponsors back, wins more majors, and resumes life with his family. Also, take a look this article about whether Tiger Woods is better than Jack Nicklaus.

Who should we feel sorry for?

1) Tiger Woods who just used his father's voice to sell Nike merchandise?
2) Tiger's Swedish model wife who has healthy kids and is sitting on half a billion dollars?
3) Tiger's fans who have not seen him play for a while?

Smart money says:
Tiger Woods' image which has taken a beating.


When did Earl Woods record this?

1) When Earl Woods was talking about a time on the golf course when a young Tiger chose the wrong club?
2) When Earl Woods was talking to Tiger about blowing a tournament in the final few holes?
3) When Tiger was a youngster and got caught playing ding dong ditch on the neighbors?
4) Does it even matter?

Smart money says:
This clip was probably taken when Earl was explaining how he taught Tiger to play golf at a ridiculously high level.


What does this commercial tell us?

1) That Tiger Woods is back?
2) That we need to give more attention to Tiger Woods?
3) That Tiger is a changed man?
4) That Tiger hears ghosts?

Smart money says:
A lot of people cashed in on this already...Tiger and Nike want their piece of the action.


Was this commercial a mistake?

1) Yes, it’s a big mistake because people who were disappointed in Tiger Woods will become even more disappointed.
2) No, the visual is so amazing that you can't look away.
3) Maybe, but Tiger made the decision to do it and he knows what he is doing.

Smart money says:
Most people don't care either way.


What should we learn from this commercial?

1) That Tiger is willing to profit from his situation?
2) That Tiger wants us to think differently and more kindly of him?
3) That he willingly exploited his dead father’s memory to make a little coin?
4) That Nike and Tiger Woods have made a groundbreaking, powerful commercial?

Smart money says:
We should immediately buy more Nike gear.

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