Friday, March 5, 2010

Will Shawn Michaels Lose at Wrestlemania?

Point: Yes, the Undertaker's streak will not end this year.

Counterpoint: I say no. Many consider Shawn Michaels to be the best wrestler of all time. He won't go down with a loss.

P: The Undertaker has had enough of showing up at the end of Smackdown. He is ready for his next great match.

CP: Taker has looked a little lazy lately.

P: No doubt but this is the event he has won at so many times. I just can't see him losing.

CP: They both seem ready to retire.

P: The WWE has spent a lot of time promoting the streak.

CP: Yeah, it is mentioned whenever possible.

P: Why spend all that time building up the streak just to have him lose?

CP: Streaks are made to be broken.

P: But the streak is talked about year after year.

CP: They don't need that streak. There is always the next big match.

P: I guess but why would they suddenly decide after 17 years to stop it?

CP: It has to stop at some point.

P: When it stops, it will be used to promote the next big star. It would be better used as a passing of the torch. It won't be stopped like this.

CP: I don't know about that. It just seems like this will be the pinnacle of HBK's Hall Of Fame career. If the streak ends, it will be to a guy like Michaels.

P: The thing about HBK is that he has taken time off in the past due to injuries.

CP: Most people think that retirement is not far away for HBK.

P: He doesn't have much left. It is likely that he is broke down.

CP: He certainly has nothing left to prove.

P: This is true. He should be ready to move on. He should have plenty of bank.

CP: Yes, he could retire but one of his many nicknames is Mr. WrestleMania for a reason.

P: He has had multiple great matches but his Wrestlemania record is a mere 5-8. His only wins were over Tito Santana, Bret Hart, and Chris Jericho and Vince Mcmahon. He is no stranger to losing at Wrestlemania.

CP: That isn't a good record but they have been building Michaels up as much as they have the streak.

P: But they are have him looking stupid like he can't get past the mere sight of the dead man even in a tag-team title match.

CP: That was lame but they had Michaels drill The Undertaker with some sweet chin music to end his title run.

P: That was done so they can get Edge the match-up with Chris Jericho.

CP: You know...these guys have been around.

P: Both of them have been with the WWE/WWF for over 20 years.

CP: They have put in their time.

P: Is there any disputing that HBK is the better performer?

CP: Undertaker has his moments.

P: Yes, but the WWE does not regard The Undertaker as highly as John Cena, Triple H, or Michaels.

CP: The Undertaker is a legend. The crowd goes nuts when the bells ring.

P: His crazy faces are pretty cool.

CP: Wouldn't it be a great climax to have the streak end and HBK goes on to wrestle another day.

P: They could go that way. I wouldn't be surprised if they had a disqualification of some sort so they can have it both ways.

CP: I wouldn't be surprised either but that seems unlikely. We shall see.

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